emma hodgson

Sunday, 4 December 2011

My shoe photographs.

Middle Ages Footwear.

The Middle Ages were a bit strange when it came to footwear...

The fashion that came in, was an incredibly long toe.

"Pointed toes are hardly odd, but the fact that they became hugely exaggerated is. The toe gradually became longer and longer to the point of absurdity for some were so long it was difficult to walk.  Some even attached small bells to the end to indicate they were interested in a little flirtation.  Bells.  Flirtation. Surely you saw the connection? Maybe that’s where the whole “footsie” thing started?"   www.headoverheelshistory.com

The Designer's Marketplace - Middlesborough

On Saturday 2nd December, me and Jake went through to Middlesborough for the Designer's Marketplace.. http://www.designersmarketplace.org.uk/

We met some amazing Illustrator's and Designers, such as...

The brilliant Mr Luke Dixon.. http://dukelixon.co.uk/

Who kindly let me photograph him...

Here's some of his work.. unfortunately i couldn't afford any of his prints!

Another one of my favourites was a lady called Kim Tillyer, who was more fabric and craft associated.
She also let me photograph her, under protest!

I thought her work was absolutely beautiful, and would have spent my whole overdraft on her stuff if i could!! 
Her handmade necklaces were my favourite! 

And this is where i spent most my money... Lucy Farfort!

Her work consists of very bright and beautiful illustrations, which definitely stood out amongst the rest!
She was incredibly friendly too, and we chatted to her for ages, she was also very interested in what we were up too on the course, and which parts we enjoyed best!

Here's what i bought from her!

Some examples of her work..

There was many other artists and designers there, 

Overall, i really enjoyed the Design Marketplace! It was definitely worth 3 hours on the train!